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  • Sammy Was on the Move & Not to Be Stopped…Every Nook & Cranny of the House Became His Domain…Faster Than a Speeding Bullet & Knowing No Fear, He Waddled On…But Before the Passage of Much More Time, He’d Be Pattering
  • Tats Had Been In Foster Care Since He Was 9 & His Step Father Burned Him With a Butane Lighter for Knocking Over the Grill…He’d Run Away Several Times & Was Living on the Streets When Arrested for Petit Larceny After Taking a Backpack Left on a Chair
  • Tyrone’s Resemblance to Model Tyson Beckford Earned His Nickname…He’d Got Drunk at a Party, Found a Car With the Keys in it & Went for a Joyride…Landing in a Ditch & Not Being Found for 6 Hours Put Him in the Hospital But Also Saved Him a DWI Charge
  • Maria’s Mamá Was Arriving Today…Leticia, Now Free From Work, Offered to Pick Her Up…the Cousins, Although 10 Years Apart, Had Always Been Close…Camila Used to Babysit Little Letti & Remembered Feeding Her Peas…& Having Them Spat Back at Her

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